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Electromagnetic Valve For Water

Electromagnetic Valve For Water
Electromagnetic Valve For Water
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Product Description


Our offered Electromagnetic Valve for Water has closed chambers. There are holes in different positions and each hole leads to different oil pipes. In the middle of the chamber is a valve and on both the sides there are two electromagnets. The magnet coil electrifies the valve body on either side will be attracted towards the side. By controlling the movement of the valve body different oil drain holes are blocked or leaked out, while the oil inlet is usually open. The hydraulic oil enters different drain pipes and then pushes the piston of the cylinder through the pressure of the oil. The piston then drives the piston rod which eventually drives the mechanical device. The mechanical movement is controlled by the current of the electromagnet.


Working principle

The electromagnetic valve is a pilot solenoid valve with a second opening and its structure is mainly composed of a pilot valve and the main valve. The main valve is a rubber sealing structure, when the position is constant the movable iron core seals the guide valve port and the pressure inside the valve chamber is balanced, then the main valve port is closed. When the coil is electrified, electromagnetic force is generated to attract the active iron core then the medium in the main valve chamber leaks out from the guide valve opening, resulting in pressure difference. The diaphragm or valve cup is then quickly lifted and the main valve is opened. When the coil is cut off, the magnetic field disappears then the movable iron core is reset and the guide valve mouth is closed, and the pressure is balanced, then once again valve is closed.



  • Direct acting diaphragm structure has no pressure to start and expands its application field
  • Use of flat diaphragm structure is reliable and enhances the service life of the product
  • Use of plastic coil improves the safety of the product in many environments



Water solenoid valves are suitable for water or liquid, which can automatically or remotely control the opening and closing of the water, oil, or any other working medium pipelines. As the valve is sealed with rubber, the cleanliness of working medium is greatly reduced and provide quick opening and closing with high reliability.

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